Program Planning

Before the successful passage of Measure “A”, the Calistoga Joint Unified School District engaged in an extensive planning process assessing the needs at each of the District’s school sites and developing a comprehensive plan to address those needs. The Board established a facilities committee to review needs with the input of the local school site communities.

Facilities Committee Members and the school site community both engaged in a visioning process to establish priorities consistent with the District’s mission and strategic goals.

The planning process included input from the school community, including Calistoga Elementary School and Calistoga High/Junior School teachers, staff, students, parents, as well as members from the District Strategic Planning Committee, and the local business community.  The Facilities Committee ultimately made recommendations to the Board.

Key Themes

Key themes expressed in the process included the need for:

  • Updated technology
  • Classrooms that foster project learning environments
  • Expanded space for enrichment programs
  • Improved libraries, athletics, play areas, cafeterias, and multipurpose spaces
  • better accommodation of the growing community use of school facilities
  • Strengthening partnerships and economic vitality
  • Increasing career and health wellness opportunities
  • Incorporating sustainable design practices
  • Outdoor education

Proposed Improvements – Calistoga Elementary School

  • Upgrade multipurpose room/kitchen
  • Dedicate space for language, enrichment, and day care
  • Create dedicated arts/music classrooms
  • Improve/expand library
  • Improve classroom technology
  • Relocate computer lab
  • Improve student access to science
  • Improve campus parking and traffic
  • Upgrade fire alarm system and provide renewable energy improvements
  • Upgrade roofing on older buildings
  • Upgrade school office

Proposed Improvements – Calistoga Junior/Senior High School

  • Modernize modular classrooms 21-27
  • Modernize and reconfigure library – construct new computer lab
  • Campus-wide technology infrastructure upgrade
  • Modernize science labs/drama/art classrooms
  • Convert drama classroom to language lab
  • Construct new gymnasium for upper grade
  • Modernize existing gymnasium for lower grades
  • Construct new dining/multiuse facility

Facilities Committee Members

Esmeralda Mondragon Superintendent Calistoga Joint Unified School District
Teri Malvino Director of Business Services Calistoga Joint Unified School District
Jane Bunting Vice Principal Calistoga Elementary School
Richard Savage Principal Calistoga Junior/Senior High School
Lisa Graul Parent
Luis Bernal Parent
Michael Sarao Director of Maintenance & Grounds Calistoga Joint Unified School District
Frank Sottile Executive Director Boys & Girls Club
Olivia Lemen Aqua & Recreation Director City of Calistoga
Brian Fennen Parent
Marty Hunt Board President Calistoga Joint Unified School District

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